Law Firm Puns

Lawyer & Attorney Name Puns

Funny partner firm combinations for people in the legal field

Law firm of:

Let's start with the most famous one, from the 3 Stooges:

Dewey, Cheatham & Howe

We can make a few variations on it:

Kenny, Cheatem and Howe

Dewey, Cheatham & Wynn

I've challenged myself to come up with 50 original "Law Firm name puns". Here we go...


Are you "Just a Gigolo" and relying on your

"Sugar Mommy" for your future savings? Then call

Dewey, Swindler & Wynn
To compensate you for ALL that you've 'put in'.
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A freshly mopped floor? Talk to

Slippen, Fall & Sioux
for your retirement goals.

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Call the law offices of
Lane, Weaver & Dent

for consultation on your DUI case.

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Making a major purchase? Time to call
Lowe, Ball & Steele
as your legal negotiating team.
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Difficult case coming? Be sure to use
      Dixon, Cox & Johnson
Specializing in the hard ones.
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Need a divorce on a low budget? Then call
Lever, Quick & Hyde
to learn your options.
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Collect from your sports gamblers. Call
Fonda, Welch, & Betz
since 'knee adjustments' are sort of frowned on these days.
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Bad investment advice? Give us a call.
Wynn, Cash & Howe
Turn your 401k into $401k overnight!
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Fonda, Lynn, Dix & Coxe
Representing choir masters since '69
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Got felony charges pending? Contact

Wynn, Case & Gottfried
We put scum back on the street
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 Luce, Case & Hyde
Not all that good, but you'll never find us.
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 Baer, Butz & Spanken
Legal advice for BDSM.
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 Walken, Trippon & Fallon
Klutzes have rights too!
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Is your wife a nymphomaniac? Call
   Dickens, Hyde, Hirr & Cummin
and learn your rights and options.
(Offices right above the swingers club)
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Been denied Maternity Benefits? Call
   Labor, Payne & Borne
to get all that's due.
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  Dewey, Edam & Spitz
Representing watermelon union members world-wide.
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Admit it... you expected some sort of
sexual reference on that one ;-)


 Coxe, Down & Dupp
Erectile Dysfunction law.
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Butcher, Cooke & Edam
Specializing in food service and preparation cases.
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Unfaithful wife? Call
Alda, Mann & Cider
Divorce Laws
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Pandering charges? Call the offices of
Seller, Rass & Pimper
Specializing in Escort Services.
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Fonda, Eaton, Busch & Howe

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Luce, Lipp & Butz

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Dewer, Bush, & Lever

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Eaton, Lamb & Lovett
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Rugg, Munch, & Dyke
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Lender, Money & Luce

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Dewey, Zucker & Humper

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Fonda, Lynn & Grope

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Loven, Dix & Cider

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Dewey, Dicker & Spoon
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Dickens, Hyde & Throbben

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Ender, Payne & Dumper
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Johnson, Burns & Leeks

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Love, Coxe & Dahl
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Robin, Graves & Luten
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Munch, Rugg & Dewer

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Loven, Freely & Klapp
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Dyer, Hare & Trimmer
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Eaton, Lamb & Curry
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Fonda, Lynn & Loven
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Locke, Stock & Beryl

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Dewey, Misser & Howe
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Watts, Zahn, Furst & Nohu
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A pun tribute to the classic pun skit!


Cummins, Cider & Spoon
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Clapp, Hahn & Klapov
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Forth, Down & Hinchez
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Furst & Cole
Lawyer Gifts


Hall, Lass & Runn
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Given, Chase & Ketchum
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Pierce, Deere & Lipp
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Dewey, Dewar & Bragg
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Harden, Long, & Thicke
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